| Davide Pannozzo

Born Electric

Born Electric
Davide Pannozzo & Loud Stuff
Who Cares (special guest: Pippo Guarnera)
Stone Marten Blues (special guest: Pippo Guarnera)
Woman’s Love (special guest: David Garfield)
Walking in LA (special guest: David Garfield)
You Never Know Me Well (special guest: Robben Ford)
Goin On
The Wind Cries Mary (special guest: David Garfield)
Turning Point (special guest: Carl Verheyen)
Light My Way (special guest: Pippo Guarnera)
Brush With The Blues (LIVE)

Ten tracks, all originals except a tribute to Jimi Hendrix (The Wind Cries Mary) and Jeff Beck (Brush with the Blues), an explicit title and an exceptional cast: this is the formula for his debut album on the label Emarcy, Davide Pannozzo & Loud Stuff (the trio completed by Lello Somma Claudio Romano on bass and drums), that is actually one of the best guitar players in Europe.

Besides the trio stable, our artist judiciously chose a shortlist of guests that not only make the record richer but further enhance the qualities of a guitarist that demonstrates to know, without being intimidated, a duet with fellow guitarist Carl Verheyen and Robben Ford: a kind the official consecration of a great talent. In addition to the aforementioned "colleagues", Verheyen and Ford join the group two prestigious keyboards players: Pippo Guarnera (Hammond organ) and David Garfield (on piano and keyboards).

The more intimate and nostalgic side of Davide Pannozzo is revealed in Goin 'On (the only track that - almost in spite of the title - is almost entirely acoustic), on the notes which make up the great video set in London, where the guitarist has moved recently.

Davide Pannozzo - Guitars & Vocals

Lello Somma - Electric Vocals

Claudio Romano - Drums