| Davide Pannozzo

Blues Backing Tracks

Are you tired of looking around for blues backing tracks without finding the right one?

Tired of playing on midi backing tracks with unreal instruments? 

If you said YES, these are the backing tracks that you were looking for! Everything played with real musicians, with real instruments, and in a real recording studio! Now you have the possibility to play with a real band, with real dynamics and have real fun, just like you were playing live! 

We produced different volumes dedicated to various styles of Blues & Beyond. 

You'll find for each volume:

1) Backing Tracks with the whole Band (Drums, Bass, Guitars)

2) Same Tracks Minus One (Minus Drums, Minus Bass, and Minus Guitar)

3) Music Loops from each track


Yes, Music Loop too! You can use them for your productions or for practicing with your favorite instrument. You will find Drums Loop, and Guitar Loops tracks under the name "Music Loop" on iTunes.


Here's a list of the volumes available so far! Click on the image and go to the iTunes Store to listen to the preview and download the albums: