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We did it!

23 May 2017
Davide Pannozzo

Hello guys,

After 60 days of the campaign, we can say it: we did it! We managed to reach the goal. Indeed we passed it!

Thank you very much to all of you! Feeling your support and your love was really important!
It was a huge challenge for me, and it was great to feel so close to you.

Now we can say officially that the project "Unconditional Love" the new album produced by Steve Jordan & Will Lee, with the extraordinary participation of
Shawn Pelton on the drums, Ricky Peterson on the organ and Oli Rockberger at the keyboards will see the light !!

These days we are mixing with Dave O'Donnell, and soon we will be having a special edition for those who pledged to the campaign!
So, stay connected for more news and info!

Big hug,


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