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22 March 2017
Davide Pannozzo

Here we are! The new exciting chapter of my career is about to start! 
But let me tell you everything from the beginning.

It was a cold December day and my dream started this way, with a voice from the other side of the ocean, ”Hi, this is Steve Jordan”.

Steve had listened to my music, and liked it. He was waiting for me. That’s why I decided to venture to the USA.

I wrote these songs at a very particular moment of my life in which I wanted to understand who I was and what I was looking for. I wanted to feel free to express myself because each and everyone of us are important for others.

These songs talk about this incredible journey here in NYC; they speak to these hard times in which we feel alone and isolated from one another. But truly we can win only if we stand together.

In all of you, I found as an indie artist my label, my home. My greatest dream is yours: to bring my music where the Blues was born.

Living here is difficult, but it’s the greatest adventure I have ever set out upon. All those years touring around Italy and Europe brought me here, and I have to thank all of you who have been supporting me.

Finishing this project is very important to me because it marks the beginning of a new chapter of my career here in the USA. This will change my life and my career deeply. Here I’m representing everyone who wants to realize their dream.

With this album, we’re going to say that Italian Blues is still alive and well and doing great even in an international scenario.

This project was born two years ago. The first part was produced by Steve Jordan who also played the drums on it and did an incredible job on my music. The second will be produced shortly. Four songs have been completed, and I had the incredible honor to have Will Lee on bass and Oli Rockberger on keyboards.

We had so much fun working on my originals, and we cut an amazing cover of George Harrison’s “Wha Wha”.

This album was written for you guys and for this reason I want you to be part of my big project. I want to share with you guys every single moment and together enjoy each goal achieved. I’ll bring you behind the scenes with exclusive videos, photos, and previews.

I will thank you with cool rewards! Please talk about this with your friends, share this video, even the smallest help counts. With this campaign we’re going to record, master and print the hard copies of the album.

Above all, I will never forget in my heart that it will be thanks to your support that I can continue this new exciting phase of my career.

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