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Admissions open for "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE" 2017-2018

20 June 2017
Davide Pannozzo

(UPDATE August 1st)

Hello, everybody! The admissions are now open for the "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE" 2017-2018!

Until July 31st  August 31st you can book your spot and get a 20% off for the whole year!

The spots available are only 10! Currently, we have only 3 spots available!

So, hurry up! Ask me anything about the course at info@davidepannozzo.com.

In the meantime, you can get more info here: FAQ.

Look forward to getting your email!



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Ciao non ho ben capito......costi e modalità del corso avanzato
Ciao, come vedi scritto nel post potresti mandarmi una mail a info@davidepannozzo.com oppure visitare le FAQ dove otterrai maggiori info. Tra l'altro non ho nessun tuo recapito per cui non posso aiutarti ulteriormente! Un caro saluto! DP

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