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60% There - 30 more days!!

19 April 2017
Davide Pannozzo

Hey guys,


We made it over the crucial 60% mark of my crowdfunding campaign!!!!
Thanks to: 

Herbert C, Paolo Z., Neville K., Paolo R., Matteo P., Angelo F., Daniele N., Davide A., Antonio R., PO-Han, Mario L., Roberto C., Gianluca M., Alessandro D., Davide B., Sergio B., Renato F., Andrea P., J Baker, Antonio C., Jarrett C., Roberto B., David C., Ettore C., Daniele V., Angelo D., Fabio C., Jacopo C., Pietro R., Marco P., Paolo D., Nunzio A., Salvatore V., Filippo Z., Giuseppe F., Danilo R, Dario D., Luca P., Danilo M., Mimmo G., Marco C., Michele B., Gianluca A., Angeli B., Antonio R., Federica M., Marco A., M Fernades., Alessio S., Alessandra S., Antony K., Bruno F., Gianni A., Luigi M., Teresa P., Stefano M., Lou L., Roberto B., Luigi M., Pasquale P., Elpidio A., Manuel C., Cem C., Massimiliano M., Emanuele C., Fabrizio L., Andrea D., Giovanni A., Gino G., Matteo S., Gianni T., Fabio F., Dimitrios B., Massimo D., Roberto T., Valeria V,.

But, I still need your HELP!! Let's get the goal!!!

During the last week, we finished recording the album! And now it's time to think about the next step!! :)

If you follow me on my facebook page, you will be aware of the realization of my new album "Unconditional Love" produced by two big names in music: Steve Jordan & Will Lee !! :)

To reach as many people as possible, we launched a "fundraising campaign" with which you can support the album's creation in all its stages. With your help, you will be part of the project !! It will be a bit even your project !! :)

Among the various options to support the campaign, we have now also added the option to subscribe to the new course "Jazz & Blues Standards Soloing" with a very special price, only for the first ten people who join!

The course fee is 269 € (instead of 325 €) and includes:

- Six months of lessons
- 12 video lessons in HD as many Blues Jazz Standards
- Theoretical description and analysis of the solos
- Transcription Note By Note of the solos
- 12 jam tracks
- personalized feedback on each lesson.


An offer can not miss !!
A unique opportunity to improve your playing and at the same time supporting and being part of such an important project!

How do you sign up?

Click here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/davidepannozzo

Search for the course "Jazz & Blues Standards Soloing" and follow the instructions for payment. Soon you will be subscribed to the course on the portal "GuitarLab - Modern Blues Guitar School Online, " and you will immediately have access to teaching material!

You do not have time now and want to start the course in a while?
No problem! You can start it whenever you want! The course is yours forever, and the material does not expire.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to email me by responding to this email!

Click here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/davidepannozzo

Best regards,
Davide Pannozzo


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