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3 Useful Tips for good Blues Improvisation.

The year has started again. Yes, I know: we ate, drank, celebrated it. And now it is back, treacherous, that moment when you have to come back studying. Don't you also feel that light pedantry that enveloped all of us students before returning to school?...

Three Guitar Players that Changed My Life.

Oh yes, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton really changed my life. Did it happen to you to be struck by a song or a musician when you first listen? Well, that's exactly what happened to me the first time I listened to these...

Davide Pannozzo & Tomo Fujita, Live at The Bitter End

Hey guys, it's a great pleasure for me to announce this new show! On August 21st, 10pm, I'll be playing at the legendary The Bitter End, with one of the greatest guitar player around, Tomo Fujita! We'll have a exeptional rhyhtm section with Shawn Pelton on drums and Richard...

How To Alter A Dom7 Chord

Hello guys! Welcome back! One of the questions that are often asked me by my students or by people live on Facebook (every Tuesday around 10.30 EST on my page www.facebook.com/davidepannozzomusic) is just this: "Ok, playing the pentatonic and the various modes, but how can I...

How To Record Guitar At Home

Hello everybody! today I'm going to talk about how to record your guitar at home to synchronize videos or record on a jam track! This topic was born in the facebook group of my GUITARlab Modern Blues Guitar School educational portal and I decided to write an...

Matt Schofield & Davide Pannozzo LIVE!!!

Hello everybody is a great pleasure for me to announce another great collaboration!! On Dec 11th, at the legendary The Bitter End in NYC, I'll be playing with the great Matt Schofield, for the first time together! We're going to have Shawn Pelton on drums and Richard...