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Advanced Blues Guitar Course Online.

Teaching has always been a passion and responsibility.
 Responsibility for future generations of musicians; passion, because only through that it can be taught to love an instrument, then the music. Learn and live music, in my teaching, they reflecting: the one and the other are governed by study and dedication, listening and curiosity. The lesson is an excuse to have fun learning with rigor and discipline. Without forgetting that music is above all a joy for the ears and the heart.

There are few questions to know about everything you need with the Advanced Guitar Course!


What do I need?

The only thing you need is a SKYPE account (you can download it here: www.skype.com), a webcam and a cable connection (DSL).

How long it last the class?

The lesson lasts 60 minutes and has two parts: the first half is about the music theory, the second to the guitar practice. The lessons are built around the needs of the student and personalized for the path of each person.

How & When?

You decide the “how & when.” You don’t need to move: it requires a click, a webcam, and a web connection. Doing online lesson is the best way not to waste your time. The only thing you need is to get an appointment, grab your guitar and …. study!

What is it for?

Being an online course is primarily intended for adults which are looking for their own sound. An advanced course that investigates the nature of each guitarist and how to bring out his most authentic voice.

Can I sign up now? Need more info?

I’m not currently accepting new students right now. But if you like, hit me up here! I would be happy to help: info@davidepannozzo.com.