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“Unconditional Love” is doing great!! Read the first reviews!!

Hey guys,

the new album “Unconditional Love“, officially out on October 19th, is doing REALLY great!! I’m getting so much amazing feedback and I can’t wait to share them with you!!!

First of all, Simon Redley wrote: “If Miles Davis was still with us, I’d bet Davide would be getting the call anytime now…” 

Click here to read the whole interview:

Isn’t that cool? :))


And again, Spotify added, “Lord Knows What’s in My Heart” & “I Heard You” on two public playlists with artists like Bob Dylan, Gregory Porter, Mavis Staples!!! It’s unbelievable!!

Check the last one:


Do you want to download/listen/get the physical copy of “Unconditional Love”?
Click here: 

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