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How To Optimize Your Guitar Workout

Hello everybody,
as I promised, today we are inaugurating a new space on the blog dedicated to teaching: The Teaching Corner! 🙂

Today, let’s talk about how to optimize our work-out on the guitar!

I often say to my students that there is only one thing that will enable them to grow quickly and profitably: to HAVE CONSTANCY.
Studying six hours a day and stop for the next ten will not bring you ANY benefit.

Some mechanisms, they indeed need to be treated with patience and dedication before being placed in its playing.

Obviously, this can be an obstacle, especially if the music is not your only business.


How to do so to optimize the time at your disposal?

You must rationalize your own time and be methodical in your study.

To get good results you don’t need 4 or 5 hours per day:

32 Minutes Are ENOUGH! 🙂


How ?


2 minutes: Warm-up – preparing the muscles of the fingers and body to the exercises that you are about to run it’s crucial. A bit of muscle stretching and some massage on the fingers and both hands and forearms can help you to dissolve most of the muscular tensions that you could have.


10 minutes: Technique – start with simple fingerings, SOOOO slowly. At this stage, the metronome will be your best friend. Let’s begin with a speed of 65bpm. You can also do some hammer on and pull off exercises.


10 minutes: Scales and Chords – the basis of improvisation and comping. It’s important to have in mind the fingerings of the primary scales. You can switch between them during the week, so in 10 minutes you can cover at least a scale with all its modes (for example: Monday – modes of the pentatonic scale, Tuesday – modes of the major scale, Wednesday – modes of the melodic minor scale , Thursday – modes of the harmonic minor scale, Friday – maj and min triads and diminished scales , Saturday – dim triads and symmetrical scale, SUNDAY BREAK TIME :-))


10 minutes: Work on a song or an improvisation – the best way to apply the technique, scales, chords, triads and everything else is working on the music that you like. Even when you’re playing with your band try to apply what you are learning, without fear of making mistakes.


There is no better way to try to integrate new elements into your playing.

Of course, this is meant to be a starting point to begin to orient yourselves in your daily practice.

If you have more time, also do sight reading exercises and music theory.

In the next few lessons, we will go down in particular and talk about warm-up exercises and all that we have spoken at this first meeting.

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See you in the next lesson!

Davide Pannozzo
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  • Cem Can
    Reply November 17, 2018 12:22 pm

    Excellent Lesson!
    The biggest thing I need a motivation and this topic absolutely does it ,.
    Thank you Davide 🙏

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