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Hey guys,

welcome back to the “Teaching Corner”.
Today I would like to talk you about one aspect for me that is crucial, often overlooked in music education: the breath. An act so natural and instinctive really can be our salvation to manage the tension built up before a concert, recording, or while you are playing.

To make you understand the importance of this issue, I invite you to put your attention on wind instruments. Simplifying the matter, we could say that one of the big differences with the string instruments or keys stays in the need to “take a breath,” in fact.

What does that mean to have this bond? In my opinion, this means, first of all, to have a greater awareness of what we play and therefore to be more musical.

We live in a musical era based on the speed records, the display of technique for its sake in which the music is often kept “back”. In doing so there is nothing that neglects what should be the primary goal of an artist: the communication of the musical message.

Coming from Classical Guitar, I know what it means to have an excellent technique and study it seriously. But what I’ve always thought is that the instrumental technique must always be placed at the service of music; otherwise, it will not help.
So, why not bring the element of breath even on guitar technique? 

Let’s try a simple exercise:

1 – Close your eyes and focus our attention on our breathing for a few minutes, trying to eliminate any thought.

2 – Use a continuous breathing, slow and rhythmic using the diaphragm.

3 – After a few minutes, when you feel ready, open your eyes and continue to bring this rhythm on the guitar starting to play a few simple fingerings ( you can find it in the lesson “Coordination,” click here).

4 – When you are comfortable with this type of exercise coordination began to play what you want by implementing the breath in whatever you do.

Initially, it would be tough and may happen to have some light dizziness due to the oxygenation of the blood, but with time you’ll see that this “technique” will make you more relaxed and more aware and open to what your musical instinct wants to communicate to you.

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Hope you found useful this post! 😉

Best wishes,

Davide Pannozzo
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